Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gasp! Could it be!?!?!

....that there ARE people in this world who think there is life outside a Wii, Nindento DS games, PBS and DVDs?!?!?!

Whooooo DA THUNK?

Actually, I'm not being critical, at all. I use all of the above sources as entertainment for my boys, however, I do remember when I was a little girl, we had none of the above and I spent my days playing dress up, hosting tea parties, building forts in the woods then being covered in poison ivy.... and joining an all-girl "biking gang" [you know, we were TOUGH....with our pink Huffies and all].


This past Christmas we received the book A Dangerous Book for Boys. They have one for girls too. Our evenings have now been filled with having paper airplane flying contests, dreaming of the go-cart we will build this spring and researching outter space.

Can you smell the sweat poured out already? *sniff* Oh, nevermind, that's just our bathroom...

...anyways, that's been our life. If you haven't already, I'd highly recommend the book if you have boys in your life. Taking them back to the days where they were milking goats and chopping wood to keep their toes warm is good for me. I hope one day I get to delve into the book Daring Book for Girls. I'm sure, her and I together could combat the stank that comes from 3 boys peeing in the same toilet and putting clothing in the laundry after it has been worn 37 time (or just freshly folded) by wearing pink boas and sipping tea with our teddies and dolls. One can only dream, eh?

It's a joy to have boys. It really is. This book has made the journey more adventerous and create and it that, I am thankful.

Have you jumped into this book? If so, what do you think?


Michelle H. said...

I think I might need to invest in both books! We are always looking for fun family things to do together and that seems like a great resource. :) I had another friend mention it to me just last week...I think that means it's time I check it out. :) Have a great weekend!

Casey said...

I've seen that book several times, and even picked it up to look at it a few times but didn't get it. I'm not sure why. I'm glad to hear a glowing recomendation though, I'll have to check it out again for my boys (9&4). I too can sympathise with the smell of a boy that's just come in from playing outdoors, or the joys of cleaning up a bathroom shared by boys *how do they pee BEHIND the toilet? My daughter is 3 and I think I might have to get the girl's version too, we've been having lots of tea parties since my MIL sent her a tea cart for Christmas. Thanks for the suggestion.