Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Box.

I have a confession. Ugh. I hate those. Sometimes.

I've been putting God in a box. Bigtime.

I have been called out on that bigtime. Growth is sweet, but it hurts.

I think I am really good at looking at other people's lives and saying "wow, look at how God moved THAT mountain or brought THAT marriage out of trouble or healed THAT man" but fail to allow God to move in my life the same way because of the limitations I put on him.

Too expensive, my house is too small, my kids are almost out of the house, my kids are all potty trained.....

A box.

This has been very toxic to my faith. I didn't even realize it. I am putting excuse after excuse up in front of faith opportunities not allowing God to work.

God is way too big for the boxes I put him in. I'm learning that if I surrender and give ALL of it to the Lord, HE WILL MOVE!

I'm done putting God in boxes by way of using excuses.

Regarding adoption, this is the most recent example I can think of. TJ and I have been considering this for a long, long time. The excuses we have been using have been "well, what about moving to Kenya", "what about finances", "what about, what about what about....".

We're done.

We found out that our home study will allow us to also be able to be a foster home or potential foster to adopt family if we choose to be that for Haitian orphans.


My brain-it immediately went to "what about..." but I stopped myself. I'm done using boxes.

I don't know what the Lord is going to use our homestudy for. I'm thankful we are using an agency that supports what we want to do. We are surrendering our homestudy to the Lord with open hands so that HE may use it for how HE wants to build our family.

Have you been stumped by putting God in a box before? This is not a time to pass judgement on others. Share your heart. Where are you really at?

My new "love" is right here. She is precious. She also knows what it's like to put God in a box.


love said...

i'm crying for you....probably with you. happy tears though. surrendering your homestudy to Him? i LOVE it. oh, the places He can take us. i'm ready. and i'm excited that you are now, too. looking forward to watching Him move!

La Dolce Vita said...

How exciting and how inspiring! We are trying to keep God out of that box as well. Getting better at it every day.