Monday, April 4, 2011

April is a good month for Showers


The babies in Kitale need YOU!!!! The time has come for us to join together and start furnishing the Sprouts baby home in Kenya. This week I will be featuring something new everyday. Please consider spreading the word on your own blog or facebook page.

Today, we need twenty-five $120 donations for highchairs!

There are many ways to donate.

1) Donate using the ChipIn button on my blog (this is tax-deductible)
2) Go to, go to the bottom of the page and make your tax deductible donation.
3) Mail your check made to Mattaw Ministries to:

Mattaw Ministries
PO Box 375
Moorhead, MN 56561

Please mark your donation as "highchair".

Stay day this week I will be doing a giveaway-you're not going to want to miss it.


Britt O. said...

I got goosebumps reading this! I found you through the Huckabees who I know from Colorado. Really I know Bonnie and Todd the most. Anyways, I am so thrilled to see God's mission for your lives panning out in this way. It's inspiring. I am super looking forward to when you guys post about needing people to go and help there. I pray that I can be one of those people to love on those babies! Oh man, it would/will be awesome!

Teri@TwirlingTrees said...

Love it, Lindz!!!!