Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shaklee for Sprouts

I recently became a Shaklee Independent Distributor. I was attracted to the corporate responsibility the company takes to use minimal waste in producing and packaging their product. I also love the fact that it is a non-toxic formula and I can still get the same clean results that the other store brands give me without exposing my family to the harsh chemicals.

I've recently started using some of Shaklee's supplements and have found them to be amazing. Typically, taking vitamins has given me a stomach ache and I have found that Shaklee's vitamins, for me, have not done that. I have also found product that kick my head colds to the curb in 48 hours, similar to what products like Airbore claim to do.

I'm hooked.

I'd love for you to consider taking ONE of Shaklee's products and trying it. The product is called Basic H.

This product contains a concentrate that makes 48 gallons of cleaning product. Think of the plastic that saves our enviornment. Not only that, but think of the gallons of fumes you won't have to inhale.

Basic H cleans my kitchen, my bathroom, my windows, my walls, my floors, and our toys for our kids.

My goal is to get a ton of this product out to Sprouts. Not only that, but the profit that I make from my Shaklee business website goes to fund the monthly operating costs of Sprouts. 100% of my profit. My goal is also for Sprouts to be cleaned with Shaklee products and to be able to afford to have the babies on supplements as soon as they can.

Please consider taking this ONE product into your home and giving it a try. If you are not satisfied, Shaklee will give you your money back, no questions asked. There is nothing to lose.

Your purchase of Shaklee ---> fills your home with awesomeness ----> supports Sprouts' monthly operating costs. WINNING!!!

*If you are interested in donating a bottle of this to Sprouts for us to take with us, please email me.

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