Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homeschooling...yeah right!

I've come to learn that God laughs when I give him my agenda.

Me: "I'm going to marry an accountant, have 2 kids and live in Colorado."
God: "heeeheehheee"

Me: "I will never own a minivan."

Me: "I will never homeschool. There is NO WAY I could ever do that".
God: "heheheheeeeeeeeee"

....I'm sure you've never experienced that.

I've never considered myself to be one who would homeschool my kids. In fact, the entire idea petrified me. My younger siblings were homeschooled for a period of time growing up, so I knew some of what it entailed.

I wasn't interested. I classified homeschooling families as denim-wearing, goat-milking, unsocialized kids and I certainly wasn't going to inflict THAT on my children.

But I'm certain that we will be picking eggs, milking goats and churning our own butter in the near future. Don't worry, I'll take a few photos.

A friend once told me "Homeschooling isn't bringing school home, it's leaarning at home, and it doesn't have to look like school". I'm thankful that there are so many opportunities and cirriculums out there to choose from. I'm thankful for a husband who is completely on board with this and is excited about it. I know that just being in another country will give our kids an amazing learning enviornment.

......and I live in Minnesota and yes, I do have a minivan. He is wrecking me one step at a time. It's so uncomfortable but it's been the most amazing ride!!

{If you currently are homeschooling or have in the past, would you please share with me your experiences? Any advice is much appreciated as we bound over this hurdle as we make our way across the big pond!}


Janet said...

We homeschool (overseas) and we love it. It isn't always easy but I wouldn't trade it. There are a billion reasons I love it, but here are my top 10...

1. I get to teach my kids at THEIR pace...not a pace set by someone else. I can go fast in some subjects, slower in others, and no one gets bored, labeled, or left behind.

2. We get to school at OUR schedule. If we want to take a day off to do something fun, we can. If we want to do school on Saturday, we can.

3. Homeschooling has made me realize how much learning takes place through just living life. Cooking, cleaning, and working together have taught my kids so much. My 4 year old learned skip counting from dealing UNO cards, my 8 year old daughter learned to add fractions through baking with me, and so on.

4. Homeschooling allows me to live out my belief that education ISN'T the most important thing...loving God and serving others is.

5. "School" can happen in the car, around the table, and in the bathtub. It isn't just an 8-3 schedule.

6. Sibling relationships. SO AMAZING.

7. Kids get to PLAY. School doesn't have to take ALL DAY. My kids have time to play, imagine, dream, and run.

8. The bulk of their day is spent with ME...so I get to teach them and train them in the way God has called ME to do...not leaving it to another adult to get the bulk of their waking hours.

9. I know my kids better...I know what they are good at, where they struggle, how to encourage them, and how to pray for them.

10. Cuddling on the couch with a book and time to stop for kisses and tickling.

wowmom said...

Great points from Janet! I also appreciate that as I homeschool, I'm relearning things that I once memorized for a test and then forgot!

Try not to get locked into thinking that there is a mold of "this is what homeschool looks like." Follow the Lord's guidance on how he wants HIS children to be schooled by you. With His strength, you CAN do it!

Maria said...

I've been homeschooling Tater Tot for 5 years and he still can't get his underwear in the hamper. So I don't think I'm your girl for advice. :)

Joanne said...

I love how you described the stereotype homeschooler. I get a lot of tips from the pool of homeschool moms who write for the Pioneer Woman.

This quote was really memorable," Learning is a continuum, not segmented grades. Wherever he is in each area, is where you start. The “curriculum” doesn’t have to “come out even with the end of the year”. If you equate homeschooling to a line, instead of line segments, then wherever he is now you will just continue on down the “line” of his learning. You may order a new book for him in science next December instead of over the summer. That the one of the great advantages of homeschooling: the ability to tailor the learning to fit your specific learner." -I Live in an Antbed via PioneerWoman.

Melissa Lynnes said...

Ha, if I had a dollar for every time I've said, "I'll never homeschool my kids", I could take my homeschooling family on a trip to Africa. (not a bad idea....) God is beyond amazing. So glad He's the one in control! If you ever have questions, feel free to call or email. It's not a glamorous life, but it's amazing and never, ever boring. :)

mountain mama said...

yay for you all! and yes, God has a sense of humor for sure. i finally learned to never say never!

this is our first "real" year of homeschooling. it's amazing. we have farm animals, some bookwork, lots of play and reading and music lesssons.

God bless you on your journey~

Danielle said...

Just came across your blog! I wasn't going to marry an accountant, but I said the other 2! and yes I drive a minivan now, and ended up saying ok God, I'll just homeschool for a year then - we're now onto our 8th year and have just moved to Africa (Uganda)! God knows our story from start to finish, and thankfully he only gives it to us in bite sized chunks, also giving us the grace we need for each decision we have to make and live out.

Homeschooling isn't always a bed of roses (just being honest!) that's life! but I wouldn't want to trade it for anything!

DJ said...

I am REALLY looking forward to having Leah home more next year, and seeing how the relationship between her & Adam changes.

I never thought I'd homeschool either, but God changed my circumstances (tho not nearly as dramatic as yours!) and my attitude.

Don't feel pressured to start on the F-M "first day of school". Go at your own pace!

Lyz said...

Ok, that last comment was me. Apparently my Dad logged into Google while here!:)

Casey said...

We're going to be homeschooling next year for health reasons for our oldest, and our youngest wants to homeschool too. We're going with sonlight, they have a great program. It was them or Calvert since that way everything is pretty much put together and planned for me. GOod luck on your adventure. We'll be newbies together.