Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poopsie Whoopsie!!!

My goal with Sprouts from the get-go has been to keep it as eco-friendly as possible. When discussing how we are going to handle the diapering 'situation' that babies tend to have, it brought on quite the challenge.

Currently, I cloth diaper my daughter. Initially, it wasn't because it was the "green" thing to do. It was way more about saving money for us. Going down to one income and adding one more child made our budget tighter. At first it was a love-hate relationship for me.

Now, I wouldn't do it any other way. If you are diapering your baby now, the Bumgenius Flip system is as easy as using pampers...for real!!! I would seriously consider it. I wouldn't have said that a year ago.

When looking at Sprouts, we quickly realized that we were going to be throwing away a minimum of 500 diapers a WEEK!! Kenya doesn't exactely have a great landfill system, and the landfill they do have has already said "no" to diapers coming into it.

That means, 500-700 diapers a week would be thrown into the streets of beautiful Kenya.

It's a no-brainer, don't you think?

Sprouts will use ALL cloth and biodegradeable liners/inserts. This also means that we are trusting that YOU will help us keep our closet full of fresh diaper inserts.

We are still giving a lot of care and research about this because we want to be a good steward of your dollars and be efficient and eco-friendly in how we dispose of the...ahem "waste".

Currently, I am considering using the gDiapers and the Bumgenius Flip system. Both we can get at wholesale cost. Both have biodegradeable liners. Both have cloth options. Hmmmmm....

The wipes situation I'm still trying to wrap my head around. 2 wipes per diaper change x 8 changes a day x 50 babies. OYE!!

Please consider donating towards a diaper fund. I really want to preserve Kenya's beauty and not pollute it with disposable diapers. I'm sure when you come out to rock the babes you will want the same thing, too.

$10 gifts us with 1 diaper cover. Our goal is to have 500 covers in stock.
$5 gifts us with a package of approx 18 biodegradeable inserts for the diapers
$8 gifts us with one cloth insert for a diaper.

Have you checked out the giveaway going on? Winner announced Friday morning!!

There will also be one more giveaway sometime today. I'm giving away a copy of Anne Voskamp's book "One-Thousand Gifts". It will knock your socks off!


Amanda said...

I love the flip diapers! I have many kinds of cloth and these are definitely my favorite. I ordered just the old-school prefold inserts to use as extras (since you can re-use the outer portion of the diaper) and they work great (and save money!). I have a few gDiapers and have not had good luck with them. I have a lot of leakage issues and the fit wasn't right for my kids but my cousin swears by them.

Clea's Perspective said...

My name is clea (friend of Kim) and i am a missionary in uganda but lived Kitale for a year. At the time my daughter was under 1 and we did cloth diapers. I did not research the diapers that you are considering but just a thought for you to think about is that during the rainy season it was hard to get the diapers to dry unless they can come apart into many pieces (esp true if hand washing which i was since can not wring out all the water like a machine does). I use Mother-ease with rice paper liners and instead of disposable wipes would use fleece ones (got material in the states and just cut it up into wipes). I found the fleece was easy to clean (although not pleasant) are soft on the bottom and dry super quick. Just some ideas. Knowing that the Lord will direct all your ways. God bless!