Monday, April 25, 2011

Sprouts Shower update

How was your Easter weekend? Were you filled with a new sense of hope and joy at what our Savior did for us???

I wanted to update everyone on where we stand with donations for the Sprouts baby home!!

I'm amazed and grateful at all of your generosity and giving towards babies you and I haven't met yet. Oh, how I pray for these little lives today and ask for God to put His hedge of protection over them, wherever they may be today.

Today, we have received donations for 8/50 cribs and 7/25 highchairs! We will continue to receive every penny with joy and anticipation as we prepare to break ground on Sprouts Baby Home in January! Please look to the right of this page and consider donating towards furnishing the baby home. PLEASE indicate what you would like your donation to go towards!!!

Also, if you are a savvy garage saler, we are in need of clothing for babies ages 0-2. I am asking for knit pants, and short sleeve and long sleeve onesies. Other toys, board books, bottles, and blankets can be found at the Sprouts Amazon Store or by YOU at a garage sale or another retail store.

In other news, we have officially listed our house for sale!!! I'm now in the world of keeping my house very very clean and waiting for the right buyer. God knows. I'm not worried.

I'm thankful that we have finally reached outdoor temperatures that my kids can play in for more than 10 minutes at a time so we are not in a constant battle of picking up.

I think I've entered one of the more difficult phases. One of which I didn't anticipate being so difficult. This is trying to decide what to donate, what to sell and decide if it is worth paying a mini storage fee to store while we are in Kenya!!! Talk about a real lesson in where my treasures are.

Have a great day!!

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